We arrived to Sumatra (Medan) from Java using local airline and in general the trip was quite enjoyable. First day we were recovering from the trip, trying to find a shop to repair my flip-flop (and curiously we found one man on a street and within 5 minutes he saw it together and to this date its perfectly fine).

Samosir Island

This island is really special place as it’s island (Samosir) on a lake (Toba) on a island (Sumatra) (second inception :-))

The best way to explore the island is to rent small motorbike with pink paint job and just browse surroundings. Just be aware that the roads are very narrow but you will enjoy it. Local houses and architecture is very interesting with lot of friendly local people willing to help you all the way. Just very relaxing experience.


Bukit Lawang

To see wild Orangutans was simply the highlight of our trip. But from the beginning, we arrived to the village and start negotiating with different guides the price for hike, how many people will be there as I took us 2 days we just walk in the surroundings and just enjoying very nice weather. In the morning of third day we finally started our trip and it was FANTASTIC. First two hours we just walk in jungle up and down and up and down just to reach area where orang-utans but it was well worth it! The animals are incredible as first impression is that you can hear a “tank” up on the thee tops slowly moving and making incredible sound. Then when ever they would like to go down you can really enjoy just watching these incredible animals.

Indonesia 2013 – Sumatra