Is very small village on a summit of active volcano (I was originally intending to visit Krakatoa on other side of the island but as at that time it was active and throwing rocks, we decided that Lawang will do it). The village is very small and every direction you will go ether up or down as they don’t know a word plain field. Very early morning we wake up to see sun rise above the volcano but as usual, we went there, we waited, there was a fog and after 2 hours we left without seeing anything. Afterwards in the morning we climbed with hundred people to he active volcano and as you can’t see any lava, we just take few pictures of a huge hole (several hundred meters) with smoke coming out and then go back to village to take some sleep.



Jogjakarta is cultural center of Java and we was for bit of surprise as we were planning to celebrate new years eve in the city. When we arrived and checked Facebook our friend from Bratislava (Slovakia) was at the same time in Jogjakarta dj-ing in a club so we obviously joined him and have a perfect celebration of new year. In the morning we went with a local bus to see a beach as it was too windy we had a nice walk and went back.



City is very big and crowded with ariport which is ok.

Indonesia 2013 – Java