Guardalavaca is very small village (maybe not even that) next to very nice beaches on the Atlantic side of Cuba. Imagine nice beach in the middle of nowhere where Cubans build several apartment blocks and 3 hotels. We stayed on 4th floor in 2 bed apartment, eating several blocks away in different flat in “Mama-O’s living room” and visiting beach 200 meters away but still it was nice relaxation. You could ask locals and they could bring you to beaches where almost nobody there. 4/5 on our beach meter 🙂

Tanzania 2013


Playa Larga

First of all, this area was used by CIA to attach Cuba in 60s which was spectacular failure and now it’s used as resort for locals. You can find here lot of home stays near to the sea but don’t do it as there are so many Miskitos that you would appreciate to stay at least 100 meters from it. What was really surprising how calm the sea was there, it was like a huge lake without any waves at all and as the water was very shallow is become hotter than your bath. So the best approach is to get a bottle of Havana and just stay in the water until you finish it :-). During night we stay next to the cemetery with a show as during night local horse was running around for hours 🙂

Cuba 2014 – Beaches