Our trip in Tanzania started in Dar es Salam which is country capital city and our first impression was that it’s like big village rather than metropolis.

  • There is no light during night (except for signs on the shops) and you feel so insecure when walking like that during night as people are just popping up just 3 meters from you from dark. General recommendation: don’t walk out after sunset.
  • Many streets are just dirt roads without pavement.
  • Everything was happening on streets like sewing, boot repairs, selling stuff just hanging from trees who ever could make some money will try to do it

In general the most enjoyable experience was small grills everywhere where you can get very tasty grilled chicken for about 2$.

You can explore whole city in 2 days and move on.

Dar es Salam
Tanzania 2013
Tanzania 2013 – Dar es Salam