Our first sunrise reveal the run down city where all buildings are partially or fully wracked but still full of life. This is one of those places where you can spend your whole live and still you can go out and find something new and interesting. Loving it.

Some highlights:

  • Nice Havana view – took a feery to the other side of the bay and from Fort or Che museum you can take very nice pictures
  • Hemingway – Havana is famous for bars here Hemingway spent considerable time (they are now quite expensive as it’s typical touristic destination) but don’t forget to visit bars where Hemingway did not spent any time 🙂
  • Museums – Museum of Revolution is nice place to start if you are looking for memory lane back to communist times
  • Beaches – close to Havana are full of locals looking for some relaxation and it’s actually quite nice considering how close to capital city they are.


Cuba 2014 – Havana